Ryu with his mask on and his hair tied back

Ryu Lore is the second and youngest son of Sabertooth mage Rufus Lore. He and his older brother share the same father however, they have different mothers.

Ryu tends to be over dramatic in certain situations, and can get distracted easily. He tends to go off track at times during his classes or his missions.


Brandon Lore

Older half-brother whom he's often jealous of as their father seems to favour Brandon more.

Emilia ???

Emilia is his classmate at Sabertooth Academy, often using him to run errands along with her two sidekicks, the "twins" Kakeru and Takeru. She's often really bossy, according to him.


  • Allergic to Cats
  • Hates to be without his mask
  • Envies Brandon's hat and often tries to steal it.
  • He's a "momma's boy"